Here are some questions that i’ll answer for you:

Can I add you an Steam?

I will only accept your friend request if:

  • Your profile is public,
  • We have friends and interests in common,
  • We have played together.

Thanks for understanding.

Which hoster do u use for your Teamspeak and game servers?

This server is hosted by !

Can I create a Channel on your Teamspeak for free?

Yes u can.


  1. Join my TS3-Server:
  2. At the bottom, right click on “Temporäre Userchannels”, and click “create Channel”
  3. Set your Channel name and password.
  4. Done! Have fun talking to your friends!

How can i turn off the TS3-Sounds like "User joined your channel"?

  1. Click Settings > Options
  2. Click Notifications on the left (Second from the bottom)
  3. Expand the Client option on the right.
  4. Expand Connection.
  5. Under Connection you will see CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED.  Uncheck “Current Channel…” in both sections.
  6. Click OK