This is our Teamspeak, where u can create your own Channels and talk with your friends! Feel free to join and have fun playing. 🙂


Our community uses Teamspeak voice application for many of it’s functions. It’s easy to use, there’s no registration and best of all its free.  Don’t know how to use Teamspeak? It’s just 6 easy steps!

  1. Go to Teamspeak Downloads
  2. Download Teamspeak 3 Client 32bit/64bit
  3. Install program – Look at the top of the application for the word Bookmarks. Click on Bookmarks then Manage bookmarks
  4. Delete Teamspeak Public. We will never use this
  5. Create a new bookmark. You will see three spaces: “Label” “Address” “Nickname”
  6. Label is : Bassrider’s Gaming TS3
  7. Address is :
  8. Nickname is : what you want other people to go by when they speak to you

All done. Hit Apply then OK and connect to your new bookmark  at the top.

PLEASE NOTE : You do not need a mic to get started! You are encouraged to join now and you can buy a headset with a mic attached when you are ready to do so.

– TS Rules –

On our server, there are a few rules that must be observed:

1. All members of the TS server team have no obligation to justify their actions to the users. However, they commit themselves to a benevolent and respectful behaviour towards the users.

2. Verbal “outbursts” in a negative manner are strictly forbidden. This includes, among other things, insults and verbal abuse (whether verbal, written or pictorial material). Satire is the exception.

3. All racist, right-wing extremist, sexual and questionable statements (including nicknames, channel names, links, avatars and chat messages) are to be omitted in any case and will not be tolerated. Satire is the exception.

4. Harassment in any form is prohibited. This includes, for example, uninterrupted whispering, background noise, echoes, spam via messages or inappropriate volume of communication in the teamspeak. It is also forbidden to use voice distortion on the Teamspeak server.

5. Advertising and sending links or IP addresses (via unsolicited mass-PN or channel message) of your own or other YouTube channels/videos, TeamSpeak servers, affiliate links (links where you receive a bonus or money after you sign up/buy), game servers and similar is not allowed.

6. Attacks against the server with so-called “flood tools”, as well as scam or hacklinks and obvious linking of illegal material are strictly forbidden and will be prosecuted if necessary. It is also prohibited to use multiple identities, proxy servers, VPNs and IP Changers.

7. Requests for rights (e. g.”supporter”) is to be refrained from and will be punished in the event of a penetrating demand.

8. Staying in the lobby is not allowed. If you do not comply with this rule more than once, consequences will follow.


Punishments are at the discretion of the moderator who is in charge of the case. The average ban is approx. 6h. In the case of sexual harassment and insults, longer bans must be expected.

Ignorance does not protect against punishment – those who have not read the rules must still abide by them.

Repeat offenders must expect longer bans.

If you have any complaints, you can talk to a moderator, but keep in mind that you have to provide evidence (witnesses, screens).
In doubt for the defendant – in dubio pro reo.

TS3 Viewer